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I finally got my welcome email to enter Pottermore!! And I love it so far! Got sorted into Gryffindor, but I have always thought of myself as a Ravenclaw. However, no regrets and I can get used to the red and gold house colors.


Doctor Who- Night Terrors and The Girl Who Waited


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I really love Rory!! I think he is brilliant and this and last week’s episodes really showed us more of him. He was witty in Night Terrors and The Girl Who Waited needs to be called Rory’s Choice instead.

I like the season so far and apart from minor slip-ups here and there, I think Season 6.2 is doing well. I will not go into a detailed synopsis of the two plots, because that’s what trailers do and I also need to complete an Organic Chemistry quiz.

Let’s Kill Hitler, Review


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Well, we have come a long way from the Eleventh Hour. The series for the past two season has some high and some low points. People may think I am just a Davies shipper, but the stories have definitely gone downhill since he left. One of the major problems I have with Steven Moffat’s writing is that the conclusions don’t live up to the excitement that’s in the episode. However, I think that is mainly because they are now trying to appeal to a larger audience than just the original fan base.

Regardless the new episode of Season 6.2 (seriously splitting it in half??), Let’s Kill Hitler was decent. In this episode we get to know more about the enigmatic River Song, and though we found out her identity last season there are still some questions that need to be answered. I think this episode gets to some of them. I am a bit tired of Amy and Rory and I think this series is a good time to wrap that part of the story up and move on (I hope you are reading this Moffat). I have a problem with the title though; don’t call it Let’s Kill Hitler if, spoiler alert, we don’t see much of Hitler.

However the next episode seems cool and is written by one of my favorite writers, Mark Gatiss himself. So looking forward to that and hope the Who I knew is not gone forever.

The Final Battle


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Harry's illustrated image on the cover of Harr...

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Do you know what it feels like to leave your best friend? That is how I felt last night after the midnight showing. There I was sitting in the theater watching the double feature, I didn’t cry when Hedwig, Mad-Eye or Dobby died and I seriously thought I wouldn’t when Part 2  began. But I think about an hour into the movie I wasn’t so sure. And then they started showing everyone who fell in the battle, Fred’s death was my breaking point. After that everyone who died had me tearing up. But the epilogue was the worst for me. Did anyone else get that feeling when you saw Albus, James and Lily go through the barrier? The feeling of intense sorrow because Harry, Ron and Hermione can never do that again, at least not in the same capacity. It hit me then, it was over. The biggest part of my childhood was over. I can never read those books for the first time again, nor will I be able to feel the anticipation and excitement for the next part in Harry’s journey.

I guess this is what they call growing up.

Harry Potter: The Final Chapter


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It all ends  tomorrow….My childhood and a beloved series. I first read Harry Potter all the way back in fourth grade, when my uncle just picked out a random book from the bargain books section and bought it for me. Looking back I think that was one of the best presents ever (except maybe when I got LOTR Return of the King for m birthday one year and the time I bought my Kindle for myself). It’s amazing how the characters of the book matured with me and I grew to love them and know them as well as my best friends.

And tomorrow, it all ends. My links to my childhood have started to sever one-by-one. Now that I am going into my third year of college, I feel so much more desperate to hold on to those strings that can pull me back in- I know, its time to move on.

I will not be watching HP 7 Part 2 at midnight, just like I didn’t watch any of the other movies at that time. It’s mostly because of the internship I have this summer and I cannot afford to be late to work….again! However, I will watch it this weekend and I will cry when it ends!

X-Men First Class


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So this summer I plan on setting a personal record for movie watching. I want to see a whole bunch of movies in the theater and blog about them. I already gave my reviews for Thor and Pirates 4, now its time for X-Men First Class.

Pretty much the entire cast of X-men First Class

 Well, let me begin by telling how much I loved the movie. It was very good, in fact I think it was the best out of the three films I have seen so far. The casting was exceptional, all the actors did a wonderful job with the characters and I thought Michael Fassbender was a good Magneto (Ian McKellen is still my favorite though). Most importantly the script was good, dialogues decent and the humour was not out-of-place and seemed natural. I haven’t read any of the earlier comics of this series and I didn’t even know that Prof. X and Magneto had this whole long back story. Therefore, I can’t tell how much of the character history the script rewrote and what all changes were made. But, I can tell you that I liked what I saw and I would recommend it to all.

I give X-Men- First Class a total of 3.5 stars out of 5. 2.5 for acting and script, 1 for costumes.

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Tash and Charli’s Amazing Adventure: Chapter 4

So they ended up having yesterday’s chicken and carrot soup for lunch and since they had it quite a bit later than usual it took the place of dinner as well. Charlie was very woozy from his jet lag and went to sleep as soon as lunch was over. When he finally woke up it was about two a.m. in the morning. He decided to go out in the patio to get some fresh air. “Too much processed air”, he thought, “first on the airplane, now because of the air conditioner.” So he went outside, and took a deep breath. And immediately he started sneezing. “God, I need to stop doing that!” he said to himself, “too many mosquitoes here to go up your nose.” And then he just stood there thinking for a while. This summer was going to be epic; Tash and he had been planning it for the past 2 years. Despite that, he had not told his parents yet and from what he read from Tash’s parents behaviors, they didn’t know about it either. They needed to tell them soon. He doubted his parents would mind much, they had always encouraged him to be explore all possibilities. “That’s probably why I ended up at boarding school” he thought. However, his two older brothers had always followed the norm, gone directly to university after Eton and both ended up in the British government. Michael was in Italy and Richard was in Africa, so he couldn’t be sure that his parents would welcome his decision with smiling faces. Tash, on the other hand, was the only child. Her parents were over protective and every country her dad went to, she went as well. Except the last two years, when her parents left her with her grandparents in South Africa just so she could go to regular school. But from what Tash told him it seems like they never stopped worrying. She probably had more rules than any normal teenager and this was when her parents were away! He on the other hand, went to Eton, like every other male member of his family, and his parents trusted the boarding school to enforce all the rules for them. But, school wasn’t that bad. He made some great friends and he learnt to avoid those who weren’t his friends. But, he wouldn’t want to change anything about the past few years, except, maybe he would have liked to see more of Tash. Despite all the friends he made at Eton, she was his best mate and it was ridiculous since he met her for just two months every year. However, they always kept in touch and every night before he went to sleep she was the last person he talked to. “Wow,” he thought yawning, “I completely went in flashback mode.” And then he turned and went back to bed until he was woken up by the crowing of the neighbor’s rooster.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


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This weekend I went, along with my regular entourage, to watch probably one of the most anticipated movies ever (anticipated by me at least). I have been a fan of the Pirates franchise, ever since I watched the first movie on a flight from Amsterdam to Chicago. I enjoyed it a lot and made it a point to watch it again on the return flight. Somewhere along the way I got my sister hooked as well and since then both of us waited eagerly for the rest of the movies (Pirates 2 was already in theaters when I watched the first movie, so that wasn’t a long wait). However, after the third movie came out in 2007 we were heart-broken. Was this the end of a well-loved series? Will we never see Jack Sparrow ever again? And then we read the rumors, about a fourth installment. Though this was hinted at at the end of the Pirates 3, we weren’t sure if it would pull through. Eagerly we kept up with the news, and lo and behold a release date of 2011 was given, this was 2008. However, a 3 year wait is a long time and back then it felt like it would never happen. We had all but forgotten about it, when it came back in the news. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley were not coming back, yet Johnny Depp was there. It would be good! Right?

So after watching it this Sunday, I am not sure. I enjoyed the movie, it was very entertaining with all the swash-buckling and witty repartee. However, I thought it lacked something. I still haven’t figured out what the “something” is. I definitely missed Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann,  but Angelica (played by Penelope Cruz) was a good addition. Ian McShane as Black Beard didn’t really gel with me, he was supposed to be sinister yet I don’t think he was sinister enough. The love story of the missionary and the mermaid was senseless and (Spoiler Alert) was a sub-plot that was left hanging. Many of the jokes and one-liners felt forced. However, the locations were great and so were the costumes. The casting was excellent as well.

I would give the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3 stars out of 5. 2.5 for old times sake and .5 for the movie.

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“Thor”- movie review


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Its been a while since I posted, but I’m back. Probably not for long but even just this one post helps me feel connected.

So I decided to celebrate the end of my second year in college with the movie Thor. I was actually very pumped up about this movie, I had read some good reviews and my friends loved it. I went to the theater expecting a lot, but like so many movies these days my expectations weren’t met. I thought the story was underdeveloped, the characters were paper-thin and it just wasn’t worth it.

"Thor"- probably not the best movie of the summer

The movie was visually dynamic of course, it was fabulous in that department. However, I expected more from Ken Branagh’s directorial venture. As a character Thor was very unreal, he had no personality whatsoever. Natalie Portman’s character was pointless. The only redeeming feature of the movie was Loki. He was probably the best thought out character of the lot. He was also marvelously played by Tom Hiddleston. Sir Anthony Hopkins too was immaculate as ever. The rest of the supporting cast, specially Zila and Warriors Three, felt like fillers.

The story too was a disappointment. It went in jumps and starts. I honestly felt that someone had a guide-book in front of them they were following. It was like the writer had a book about what to expect in a superhero movie and he added scenes accordingly, all the time forgetting to connect anything. The love story wasn’t developed at all and I still cannot figure out when and why did Thor and Dr Jane fall in love.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, probably the best thing about the movie

On the whole, I would give Thor 2 stars out 5, .5 for the visual effects and the other 1.5 for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

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Old friends and new beginnings


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I haven’t seen a lot of my friends in a long time. I would have lost all contact with them, had it not been for Facebook. Thanks to social networking at least I have a vague idea of how their lives are coming along. However, a status update and a birthday wish simply does not cut it. I miss chatting with them endlessly on the phone or texting them every second. Most of all I miss having classes with them in  High School and hanging out together during lunch. Yet now I realize that we weren’t all that close. There were somethings I never told them and I am sure I did not know them all too well either. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever had a very close friend before at least not the kind you read about or see on t.v. I have always been a very private person and I suppose I like that. Though sometimes I wonder if this is normal, everyone I know has a great friend, so why not me? Well, I suppose its one of those things I will never know, anyway new Doctor Who season begins tomorrow (my silver lining on the dark cloud)!!