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I’m inconsolable right now. I just found out something that makes me feel incredibly sad and full of regret, I cannot go to a rare signing and Q&A by my favorite author (excuse me while I sit in the corner and cry for a while).

Jasper Fforde, the brilliant mind behind the Thursday Next series had put up on his website that he would be in Chicago on October 9th for promoting the latest book in the series. I was naturally overjoyed by this, though October 9th was a Tuesday and therefore a work day I could possibly go to his signing since I go to school in Chicago. All I had to do was nip out of University for an hour or so and take the bus to whichever bookstore he was appearing at, meet him, talk to him and get him to sign my copy. Though his official website is yet to put up the location of the signing, I did some sleuthing around and found this site, which listed the tour dates and locations. And horror upon horrors the location for Mr Fford’s closest signing to me was not Chicago but this obscure suburb called Naperville. A quick google map search told me that this place was an hour and half away from Chicago and hence I have no chance of being there at all (it being a work day and me being at school and all).

And to think that I had been looking forward to meeting Mr Fforde for the past couple of months. Ah destiny thou art cruel.