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I was in Chicago this Sunday to attend the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. This was my first visit to any sort of convention and boy did I have a good time.

C2E2 is a three day long event and unfortunately I could only go on Sunday. One day passes did not cost much ($25) and got you into the building and the panels. There were some brilliant panels including John Barrowman Q and A on Saturday (imagine my despair when I couldn’t attend it), Anne Rice Spotlight on Sunday and a bunch of other things.

However, my main reason for attending the Convention was autographs. Guests like Val Kilmer, John Barrowman, Sean Astin, Anne Rice and Nicholas Brendon were signing on Sunday. As soon as I reached McCormick Place, my sister and I headed towards the autographing section. We saw that John Barrowman had a huge, and when I say huge I mean HUGE, line by his table. I then decided to split up with my sis and she got in line at Barrowman’s table while I head up to find Sean Astin. Luckily I was one of the first ten people there and I met Sean Astin pretty quickly. I got a wonderful headshot of him as Sam Gamgee and had him write a dedication on it. Did I geek out when I met him? Of course, I did! I asked him if he was going to go for a midnight showing for the Hobbit and he said that he would probably watch it in a more relaxed atmosphere. And he shook my hand. TWICE. 

Then I went back into line for John Barrowman’s autograph and that was a long wait. I was there for about 1.5 hours, but it was an interesting hour and a half. A lot of people were in costume and some of them looked pretty splendid. I couldn’t get any pictures of them, but there was a lady dressed as a Dalek, a Tenth Doctor (I actually thought it was Tennant) and a woman in the most elaborate period costume.



Finally I did get his autograph, but it was late by the time we were done and I missed the Anne Rice spotlight I wanted to see. So my sis and I just wandered around and went booth browsing and taking pictures of people in costumes.