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I am done with the Fall semester at university and I think it went pretty well. Of course grades aren’t out yet, so I can’t be sure it went pretty well. Anyway, winter break has started and that means my birthday countdown has begun. Its my golden birthday this year! Exciting, right! Not really, I turn 20 this year and I am starting to have a pre-mid-life crisis. I am just 10 years away from hitting 30, pretty scary.

However, lets not think about that. What I wanted to talk about was my plans for the winter. I want to watch as many Renee Zellweger movies as I can. I loved her as Bridget Jones and as Beatrix Potter, but those are her only films I saw. So naturally, I assumed she was British. It was only recently after watching Bridget Jones again I found out she wasn’t a Brit! Anyway, Brit or not, I think she is a brilliant actress and I have been catching up on her filmography. So far I have watched Jerry Maguire and Down with Love. Next, I plan on seeing Appaloosa, Cold Mountain, A Price Above Rubies and Leatherheads.

This is just a quick update I wanted to put out there. I hope to have something more substantial next time.