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Toby Whithouse has given us a very decent episode this time (much better than vampire fishes). Though I am not very comfortable with the message this episode gives out, I am willing to concede that it was well-written and has a layer of depth and sophistication that has been lacking in Steven Moffat’s era (though some people are of the opinoin that I can’t see the depth in the other episodes).

But the main thing that got me really excited after this episode was (spoilers) the Ponds, or rather the Williams have left the TARDIS. Though sadly I doubt they will be gone for long. I have no problem with Rory, I like him; but I really dislike Amy. I used to like her, but I am plain annoyed with her now. She has taken the shine out of the Doctor and I think with her gone, we might see more of the Doctor in action.

Next week’s episode brings Craig Owens (played by the always funny James Corden) back into the Doctor’s life.