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Well, we have come a long way from the Eleventh Hour. The series for the past two season has some high and some low points. People may think I am just a Davies shipper, but the stories have definitely gone downhill since he left. One of the major problems I have with Steven Moffat’s writing is that the conclusions don’t live up to the excitement that’s in the episode. However, I think that is mainly because they are now trying to appeal to a larger audience than just the original fan base.

Regardless the new episode of Season 6.2 (seriously splitting it in half??), Let’s Kill Hitler was decent. In this episode we get to know more about the enigmatic River Song, and though we found out her identity last season there are still some questions that need to be answered. I think this episode gets to some of them. I am a bit tired of Amy and Rory and I think this series is a good time to wrap that part of the story up and move on (I hope you are reading this Moffat). I have a problem with the title though; don’t call it Let’s Kill Hitler if, spoiler alert, we don’t see much of Hitler.

However the next episode seems cool and is written by one of my favorite writers, Mark Gatiss himself. So looking forward to that and hope the Who I knew is not gone forever.