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Do you know what it feels like to leave your best friend? That is how I felt last night after the midnight showing. There I was sitting in the theater watching the double feature, I didn’t cry when Hedwig, Mad-Eye or Dobby died and I seriously thought I wouldn’t when Part 2  began. But I think about an hour into the movie I wasn’t so sure. And then they started showing everyone who fell in the battle, Fred’s death was my breaking point. After that everyone who died had me tearing up. But the epilogue was the worst for me. Did anyone else get that feeling when you saw Albus, James and Lily go through the barrier? The feeling of intense sorrow because Harry, Ron and Hermione can never do that again, at least not in the same capacity. It hit me then, it was over. The biggest part of my childhood was over. I can never read those books for the first time again, nor will I be able to feel the anticipation and excitement for the next part in Harry’s journey.

I guess this is what they call growing up.