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It all ends  tomorrow….My childhood and a beloved series. I first read Harry Potter all the way back in fourth grade, when my uncle just picked out a random book from the bargain books section and bought it for me. Looking back I think that was one of the best presents ever (except maybe when I got LOTR Return of the King for m birthday one year and the time I bought my Kindle for myself). It’s amazing how the characters of the book matured with me and I grew to love them and know them as well as my best friends.

And tomorrow, it all ends. My links to my childhood have started to sever one-by-one. Now that I am going into my third year of college, I feel so much more desperate to hold on to those strings that can pull me back in- I know, its time to move on.

I will not be watching HP 7 Part 2 at midnight, just like I didn’t watch any of the other movies at that time. It’s mostly because of the internship I have this summer and I cannot afford to be late to work….again! However, I will watch it this weekend and I will cry when it ends!