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So this summer I plan on setting a personal record for movie watching. I want to see a whole bunch of movies in the theater and blog about them. I already gave my reviews for Thor and Pirates 4, now its time for X-Men First Class.

Pretty much the entire cast of X-men First Class

 Well, let me begin by telling how much I loved the movie. It was very good, in fact I think it was the best out of the three films I have seen so far. The casting was exceptional, all the actors did a wonderful job with the characters and I thought Michael Fassbender was a good Magneto (Ian McKellen is still my favorite though). Most importantly the script was good, dialogues decent and the humour was not out-of-place and seemed natural. I haven’t read any of the earlier comics of this series and I didn’t even know that Prof. X and Magneto had this whole long back story. Therefore, I can’t tell how much of the character history the script rewrote and what all changes were made. But, I can tell you that I liked what I saw and I would recommend it to all.

I give X-Men- First Class a total of 3.5 stars out of 5. 2.5 for acting and script, 1 for costumes.

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