So they ended up having yesterday’s chicken and carrot soup for lunch and since they had it quite a bit later than usual it took the place of dinner as well. Charlie was very woozy from his jet lag and went to sleep as soon as lunch was over. When he finally woke up it was about two a.m. in the morning. He decided to go out in the patio to get some fresh air. “Too much processed air”, he thought, “first on the airplane, now because of the air conditioner.” So he went outside, and took a deep breath. And immediately he started sneezing. “God, I need to stop doing that!” he said to himself, “too many mosquitoes here to go up your nose.” And then he just stood there thinking for a while. This summer was going to be epic; Tash and he had been planning it for the past 2 years. Despite that, he had not told his parents yet and from what he read from Tash’s parents behaviors, they didn’t know about it either. They needed to tell them soon. He doubted his parents would mind much, they had always encouraged him to be explore all possibilities. “That’s probably why I ended up at boarding school” he thought. However, his two older brothers had always followed the norm, gone directly to university after Eton and both ended up in the British government. Michael was in Italy and Richard was in Africa, so he couldn’t be sure that his parents would welcome his decision with smiling faces. Tash, on the other hand, was the only child. Her parents were over protective and every country her dad went to, she went as well. Except the last two years, when her parents left her with her grandparents in South Africa just so she could go to regular school. But from what Tash told him it seems like they never stopped worrying. She probably had more rules than any normal teenager and this was when her parents were away! He on the other hand, went to Eton, like every other male member of his family, and his parents trusted the boarding school to enforce all the rules for them. But, school wasn’t that bad. He made some great friends and he learnt to avoid those who weren’t his friends. But, he wouldn’t want to change anything about the past few years, except, maybe he would have liked to see more of Tash. Despite all the friends he made at Eton, she was his best mate and it was ridiculous since he met her for just two months every year. However, they always kept in touch and every night before he went to sleep she was the last person he talked to. “Wow,” he thought yawning, “I completely went in flashback mode.” And then he turned and went back to bed until he was woken up by the crowing of the neighbor’s rooster.