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Its been a while since I posted, but I’m back. Probably not for long but even just this one post helps me feel connected.

So I decided to celebrate the end of my second year in college with the movie Thor. I was actually very pumped up about this movie, I had read some good reviews and my friends loved it. I went to the theater expecting a lot, but like so many movies these days my expectations weren’t met. I thought the story was underdeveloped, the characters were paper-thin and it just wasn’t worth it.

"Thor"- probably not the best movie of the summer

The movie was visually dynamic of course, it was fabulous in that department. However, I expected more from Ken Branagh’s directorial venture. As a character Thor was very unreal, he had no personality whatsoever. Natalie Portman’s character was pointless. The only redeeming feature of the movie was Loki. He was probably the best thought out character of the lot. He was also marvelously played by Tom Hiddleston. Sir Anthony Hopkins too was immaculate as ever. The rest of the supporting cast, specially Zila and Warriors Three, felt like fillers.

The story too was a disappointment. It went in jumps and starts. I honestly felt that someone had a guide-book in front of them they were following. It was like the writer had a book about what to expect in a superhero movie and he added scenes accordingly, all the time forgetting to connect anything. The love story wasn’t developed at all and I still cannot figure out when and why did Thor and Dr Jane fall in love.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, probably the best thing about the movie

On the whole, I would give Thor 2 stars out 5, .5 for the visual effects and the other 1.5 for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki.

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