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This past month I seriously got down to the business of shopping for electronics. I bought myself a new laptop and a new kindle. My laptop is perfect. It is blue and nice and compact, plus it is great for a student because it weighs only about 5 lbs. It has been working fine, I like the screen resolution and the battery life is decent enough. It’s a Sony Vaio by the way.

My next tryst into the electronic world left me the owner of  a Kindle. Unlike the laptop, which I spent about 4 months researching and comparing with other brands, I bought the Kindle with relatively no such research. It was an on-the-spur decision and I decided that I wanted one because I thought the backgrounds were cute. However, looking at my one week old Kindle, I am extremely glad I gave in to my impulse.

The books from amazon as well as project Gutenberg have been great and even better, they are FREE (in amazon’s case that is not true for all books). I have managed to amass an extraordinary collection since. I did not think I would use my kindle to annotate at all, however I surprised myself the other day by using the highlight and annotate options a lot. My only problem, which is not that big a problem I suppose to others, with the gadget is its fragility and I really need to order a decent and not overpriced cover for it. The covers Amazon has now are either too dowdy or too expensive for me.