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I have been a terrible blogger for the past couple of months, I have all but given up writing and the few posts I did put up in the last few months have been half-hearted. I feel terrible about this and would like to rectify this monstrosity on my part by blogging more often. I am not pledging to update everyday (I cannot manage that, and I will not even give it a try), but I hope to have something up at least every week.

Looking at my drafts page I see that I have a couple of rough drafts that I need to work on, so I think there will be Merlin Series 3 reaction post soon and a Doctor Who Christmas Special review (I know these are very late, but bear with me I need to get my comments across) there will also be a Sherlock Holmes post somewhere in the middle.

When it comes to Tash and Charlie’s Amazing Journey, I have some great ideas but I really don’t know if I will be able to merge them into a coherent plot. Regardless, I will try to at least give an idea about what their big plan is for the summer!

That’s all for now, hoping to post something substantial soon.