Yes Charlie was coming to the India! And because the excitement finally got to Tash, she could not sleep a wink that night.

The next morning her mother had the whole house in an upheaval. Being very house proud, she felt the need to clean every inch in preparation of Charlie’s arrival, which would have been fine if she did not force Tash and her dad to do the same.

“Cleaning the whole house just for the sake of that little pest,” remarked Mr Sinclair “I’d sooner stick forks in my eyes!”

“Well William you will have to put a hold on that plan until you clean the banisters”, replied Mrs Sinclair “it will be done so much faster if you can see the dust and clean it off in just one go.”

Natasha rolled her eyes at this exchange between her parents and went on dusting the bookshelf.

“Alright everyone, what should we have for dinner today?” said Mrs. Sinclair, “Would carrot soup and yesterday’s leftover chicken do?”

“Chicken, it’s always chicken!” muttered Mr. Sinclair

“What was that William? Didn’t quite catch what you said right there.” Said Mrs. Sinclair.

Just as Mr. Sinclair was going to reply, the doorbell rang. Mrs Sinclair, assuming it was the maid with the groceries went to open the door. She opened the door and let out a gasp of pure horror, Tash who was nearby could see who was at the door.

“She is going to kill him!” She thought.

And sure enough Mrs. Sinclair was giving the person at the door a look of pure loathing. Even Charlie, who had arrived twelve hours before schedule and he had seen the house in all its mess while her mother had been trying to make sure that the house would be spotless for his arrival, didn’t know what to make of it.

“Meredith, I have finished the banisters is there anything…..” Mr. Sinclair trailed off as soon as he saw Charlie. “But boy, you were supposed to be here sometime in the evening, right?” he asked while looking around quite bewildered.

“Yes dad, and Charlie is going to explain how he got here so early right now.” Tash replied after giving Charlie a questioning look.

“Right, so I am early.” Said Charlie, “I was umm, you see I reached Heathrow early and I err got on an earlier plane by mistake.” As if inspired by this his eyes sparkled and he continued, “And I landed here earlier and I decided to take an auto rickshaw over to the address Tash had given me. Wonderful things those rickshaws, I remember them from when my dad was here. But that was a while ago and I was scared that things had changed, and that was in Delhi. Hyderabad is very much like Delhi you know, very crowded, nice city though, very green.”

“Charlie”, said Tash warningly, “You are blabbering.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I was just…” He stopped however after he saw the look on Tash’s face.

Mrs Sinclair managed to shake herself and regained her composure while this exchange was taking place, Mr. Sinclair on the other hand had no composure whatsoever to regain.

“I’m sorry Charlie, you surprised me that’s all”, said Mrs. Sinclair

“Gee, madam I’m sorry about that I was just really excited to see you all.” Said Charlie and he smiled his winning smile at her.