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Tash was called back into the present by her mother’s voice. She looked up and saw her mother holding up a stack of folded clothes.

“Here are your clothes Tash.” she said, “Has Charlie told you what time is his flight landing, I want to pick him up with you. I can then plan my schedule for the rest of the day accordingly.”

“Not yet mom” Tash replied “I forgot to ask him.”

“Well make sure you do and please ask him to be specific and tell you how he came up with that time, we don’t want this to be just like the Bali experience.” Her mom left with these words and Tash immediately remembered “the Bali experience”, like her mother so fondly liked to call that day.

Her dad had just been posted in Bali and Charlie was coming over to visit from London. He had called the day before he was expected that his time of arrival was 6:30 p.m. He had calculated the estimated arrival time by adding the hours it would take him to reach in Bali to his departure time. But, Tash did not know that, and she had assumed that he had enough sense to know that Bali was five hours ahead of England (six if you count daylight saving time). So Tash and her mom were waiting at the airport at 6:30 and waited for the next 2 hours before realizing that no flight could be delayed for so long without an announcement by the airport authority. Her mom then went up to the information desk and found out that his flight was coming in at 12:30 a.m. (yup daylight saving had begun). So they had no choice but to go back home and come again at night with dad (her mom was not too good with driving in the dark).

So Charlie’s first visit to Bali had him being received by three grumpy individuals, who partially blamed him for the waste of a whole day. “Poor Charlie”, Tash thought, “Dad was actually grumpy with him that whole summer.”

However this time she would not let that happen and went online to check if Charlie was on Skype, and sure enough I’mnotapeanut was on

TGirl- What’s up peanut?

I’mnotapeanut- I’m not a peanut! Read the screen name TGirl.

TGirl- Whatever C, listen what time is your flight taking off from Heathrow? Note that I am asking for the TAKING OFF part!

I’mnotapeanut- Come on don’t tell me you are still worried about the time difference thing, that was 5 years ago I have more sense now.

TGirl– I’d rather not take the risk Charlieboy, I don’t have much faith in your arithmetical capabilities and my mom told me to ask you!!!

I’mnotapeanutOk Tash its TAKING OFF at 11:30 in the MORNING, Is that good enough for you.

TGirl- That’s fine for now!

I’mnotapeanut- Btw, have you told your parents yet?

TGirl- nope, you?

I’mnotapeanut- Hah you think?? We will have to tell them together though…..

TGirl- Oh of course it is going to be so dramatic, I can’t wait to see what it would turn out to be like.

I’mnotapeanut- Admit it Tash, you love the drama!

Tgirl- Maybe I do Charlieboy! Maybe I do.

I’mnotapeanut- Course you do my friend, why else do you think you came up with this idea in the first place!!

TGirl- Are you packed and ready? Have you got the ginger snaps I asked for? And the Galaxy chocolate?

I’mnotapeanut- Of course!! When have I ever forgotten them?

TGirl- Only half the time Peanut!

I’mnotapeanut- Hey I told you! Someone stole them from my bag that time!

TGirl- Of course Charlie, that is so true!! Someone opened your bag and left all your fancy travelers cheques, that you seem to carry in your suitcase!!!, all alone and stole MY Ginger Snaps and Galaxy Chocolates! That makes complete sense, and this shocking immorality was committed somewhere between the airport’s luggage check in and the aircraft’s luggage compartment!!

I’mnotapeanut- There, it wasn’t too hard to figure that out was it? Listen I gotta go now, I’m late for fencing practice!

TGirl- I’ll see you the day after Charlieboy!! I’m sooooooooooooo excited…..X0X0

I’mnotapeanut- The feeling is mutual, I WILL NOT ACCEPT HUGS AND KISSES THOUGH!!!

TGirl- 😛