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So I failed the challenge, there are two more days left and I have just 1600 words…..But, I would love to continue my story at some point, I will be posting my story on this blog (that gives me an excuse to finish up this story and the opportunity to post something on the blog!!).

A Brief synopsis

Charli and Tash are probably the awesomest best friends ever, they see each other every summer vacation. One summer when they are 18 they decide to spend the entire year together travelling……

So that’s the tale so far…..I will ask you to excuse the bad grammar, spellings and rotten punctuation marks in my story……Remember it has not been proofread or edited at all!!

So the epic tale of our two heroes Natasha Sinclair and Charli. E.  Brown (Not to be confused with Charlie Brown) follows in parts……..Enjoy!!