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Entertainment Weekly recently came out with a list of “the 100 Greatest Characters of the last 20 years”.I am not going to pretend that I know each and everyone on the list, but I think they have a good mix of people up there; from heroes, to villains, and some side kicks. So I wanted to come up with a list of my own and commemorate the top ten greatest villains. I can’t say the are the best, because to each his own (others might think my choices suck, but hey its my post).  Here they are in reverse order:

10. Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2

Voiced by Jennifer Saunders, this lady isn’t your typical godmother. She will do whatever she can to make sure that her son, Prince Charming, gets to be king-from destroying Shrek and Fiona’s marriage, to turning Fiona’s dad back into a frog.  This fairy is a scheming, conniving creature;  andthat’s what makes her so good as a villain.

9. Simon Heap from Flyte

This character created by Angie Sage for her Septimus Heap series is a classic case of good guy gone bad. Simon is the eldest of a family of six brothers and the star of the family. That is the case until the seventh brother, whom everyone assumed  dead, comes back and starts getting all the attention. Being the seventh son of the seventh son, Septimus has magical powers beyond the ability of a regular wizard; these land him the position of apprentice to the Extraordinary Wizard. Simon gets upset that his life-long dream is snatched away from him, and he decides to get revenge. Joining the ranks of the evil necromancer Domdaniel, he tries to overthrow his younger brother and the current Extraordinary Wizard. With some very evil ideas, and  funny results to them, he is definitely an entertaining villain.

8. Sir Guy of Gisbourne from BBC’s Robin Hood

Oh Guy Oh Guy,(sigh), he is bad; but he looks so good in black leather!!!

But don’t let his good looks fool you, this is one bad man to be around. The evil Sheriff’s henchman, he does most of the dirty stuff (you know the killing, maiming, kidnapping, etc.). In fact, he is so bad he (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen the series yet) kills the woman he loves, just because she supports Robin Hood.

7. Aaryan And Sunehri from Dhoom 2

My Indian roots are the reason for this couple to be up here. The Bollywood movie Dhoom 2 revolves around their heists. Aryaan is a master of disguise and is known for pulling off some very impossible thefts, while Sunehri is

just a small town thief. Well, to be completely honest there is nothing special about these two characters if we look at them from the hollywoodian (is that even a word??) point of view – but in Bollywood this was a new idea. This is the second Bollywood movie I have seen in which the villains have been portrayed as cool, dashing, and suave. Another big shift from the regular Bollywood style movie was the love story between them; Aishwarya Rai , who plays Sunehri, and Hrithik Roshan, Aaryan in the movie, had brilliant on-screen chemistry. I think that was another factor that brought them a notch up from other villains.

6. Sue Sylvester from Glee

She is pure meanness!!!!!! The conception of her character is genius, the portrayal by Jane Lynch is brilliant. I have no words to describe her, she is someone you have to watch!

Thats all I have for today, I decided to split the list up because I need time to reevaluate the positions of the final five (there is a tie for number 1). So, I will post the final five, later this week…….