“Mailman, mailman do your duty;

Here comes Miss American Beauty.

She can do the Pom-pom, she can do the Twist;

moist of all she can give a boy a kiss!!”

That rhyme was all the rage in my Elementary school days;  it had a catchy tune and a dance to go with it.

No, that rhyme was not the opening to a reminiscence of good old third grade; instead I want to know WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY MAILMAN??? Why am I not getting any mail? Why am I being left out of the whole mailing phenomenon?

Everybody I talked to about this say that I am overreacting. Or that I will receive something when it is sent to me, not before nor after. Well, how much mail do you think these guys get?? A LOT (seriously, some of them average six letters a day :o) !! I think it will only be fair if they look at this whole issue from my point of view; I don’t want to get mail in the mailbox  because I am waiting for some important letter (though I am waiting), I want to get mail for the sake of getting mail. I want to make sure that I am connected with the world, that I am not forgotten.

What I am coming around to say is that letters give me a sense of security; and since I signed up for e-statements from my bank I have none.These days the world is so busy and fast, there is a danger that one will be left behind. No one has time for face-to-face interaction, the only way to connect is by sending an e-mail, or a letter.  I am scared that if this lifeline of mine is broken will I loose all??? Will my life be devoid of contact??

Oh god please let Clipper Magazine, send me some plumbing information……..

I wish..........