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Well, Romeo and Juliet are the most refereed to couple in English literature. That is kinda odd since they didn’t have a happy ending! I mean why not Benedick and  Beatrice?? or Hero and Claudio? Both the couples got together in the end, but this post is reviewing the movie not pondering about the dark taste of romance lovers all over.

The movie was decent, nothing dark about it. A light-hearted romance (can’t call it a comedy, nothing inspired more than a chuckle from me). The story was the usual, girl meets guy, they fight, and get together with each other in the end. At the risk of sounding cynical, I’ll say that screenplay writers are running out of ideas. The main plot behind every romantic comedy is the same! But I must thank the movie for some beautiful shots of the Italian countryside. I am definitely going to add Italy in the list of places I wish to visit. The acting was decent, Amanda Seyfried looked charming and was moderately well paired with Christopher Egan (they both looked too blond to hit it off properly). Vanessa Redgrave did well, and the scene when she finally met Alonzo was very intense.

On the whole I’ll give the movie 2.5 stars out of 5, its something you might want to watch on a girl’s night out (I went with my mom). And if you go expecting nothing much, you will be pleasantly surprised.