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Well, how do I give spoiler free review for this one?? I’ll try my best…..Amy’s choice starts in the lush green village of Leadworth. Amy and Rory are married, and expecting their first child. Their perfect existence is shattered when the Doctor drops by for a visit,they go for a walk and suddenly fall asleep. All three then wake up in the TARDIS, and realize that they had the same dream!! (the Doctor actually calls it a nightmare) But they agree that the TARDIS is real (except Rory of course, he has the perfect existence in the other world, lets call it). But then they drop off to sleep again and they are in “the other world”. The puzzle continues for sometime, and at one point they meet this character called the Dreamlord. He tells them that they are living in two realities, one is real and the other not so real. He also tells them that they will be faced in by deadly danger in both the realities (crashing into a cold star and freezing to death in the TARDIS, and turned into ash by a group of murderous old people in the “other world), if they die in the dream they will wake up in the real world and if they die in the reality they die. Well it all boils down to the fact that Amy will be the one who has to do the actual choosing (hence the name, Amy’s Choice).

That’s a brief synopsis, now let me tell you what I thought about it. It was great, I loved it. It clears up a lot of the tension in the TARDIS in the end, it also shows us another side of the Doctor. The acting of course was superb, Toby Jones (I love his Dobby) played the Dreamlord very well (the Dreamlord is a very annoying character btw, all riddles). I thought Rory did a pretty good job, I hope he hangs around more and joins the crew.

On the whole thumbs up for good writing, direction, and acting.