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My friend told me to try this out, and I wanted to see if I can get this right :)Physical comparision is very tough, each person is unique and each person has a very diffrent idea of what is good or bad. Today, I will try (emphasis on try”) to compare David Tennant and Richard Armitage.

David Tennant has geek chic, anyone who has watched any episodes of Doctor Who can see that. He carries himself very well and his tall lanky frame is perfect for suits (provided they are made to fit). Richard Armitage on the other hand is absolutely dreamy in black leather (source: Robin Hood), a bit more well-built compared to Tennant he can pull off almost anything (even swimming trunks!!). Also, both of them seem comfortable in period clothing.

courtesy of googleimages

When we look at their facial features, Tennant has thinner features compared to Armitage. He has a thin face, thin lips, and it goes very well for him. Armitage has a sharper face, his general profile is sharp. And he is paler than Tennant.

courtesy google images

Both Armitage and Tennant are very diffrent physically. While one is tall and lanky, the other is tall and well built. One looks great in geeky clothes, the other looks awesome in leather.