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Where do I begin this comparison, lets start with background. David Tennant is a Scottish lad without any acting background.  Inspired by Doctor Who when he was younger decided to become an actor, and the rest is history. Richard Armitage too didn’t have much of an acting background. After graduating from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, he had a long way to go.

Both Tennant and Armitage went through countless unknown roles before they reached the point they are at today. Though Tennant might be slightly more famous than Armitage (understandable as Tennant held the coveted role of the Doctor for so long, and also took part in the Harry Potter series), Armitage too is creating a niche for himself in the fan market. He has an army behind him known as the Armitage Army, can’t say that about Tennant eh.

If we look at the roles taken up by these actors we can see that they are very different in their preference. While Tennant is more of the mad, lovable type in Doctor Who, or just the mad type in Secret Smile, Armitage is the mean, lovable type in Robin Hood, or just the lovable type in Vicar of Dibley. Both have taken part in period dramas, Tennant in Casanova and Armitage in North and South.  Now Armitage can be seen in the MI-5 Drama “Spooks” as the disgruntled Lucas North, while Tennant is shooting for A Single Father.

Both these actors have immense talent, they have worked hard to get where they are, and deserve their success. I sincerely wish both of them all the best for their futures. 🙂