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So I watched it!! It was pretty good, not as memorable as the Christmas Invasion, but along the same lines…..(the line “this planet is protected” was in it). Smith did a pretty good job as the Doctor. The new companion too was completely different from the old ones, she is a kissogram!! That is a pretty out there profession for a character on a family series to play, hope it works out. She has a boyfriend who is a nurse (Mickey, Rose and Doctor repetition…) and at the end of the episode we find out that she is about to get married……I wont give away the story, so a short version would be the Doctor saves the world from the bad guy!! On the whole I liked it, the scenic village it is based in (couldn’t catch the name) is a respite for the eyes. And it looks like it has a good supporting cast. I am definitely waiting for the other episodes!!

PS.- Matt Smith pulled a mild David Tennant throughout the episode.