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I have been listening to Richard Armitage reading a bunch of things these days. It all began when I found this poem read by him on youtube. It is a poem called “Song” by Ted Hughes. It was fantastic!! He read it in such a lovely voice that I found myself searching for more. I then came across cbeebies bedtime stories. Whoever came up with the idea of letting these people read stories should be knighted! It was so good to hear not only Mr Armitage, but also Rupert Penry-Jones, David Tennant, etc. if you love the accents you need to check these out.

I am also listening to Richard Armitage’s take on Mr Lovelace in BBC Radio’s adaptation of Clarissa……Its pretty good, I like the story so far and listening to it on BBC iPlayer is a lot like watching a movie. When they read the book on the radio, they have the complete sound effects; from chairs scraping to spoons moving…..it’s all there! You can use your imagination and fill the blanks of the scenes and characters.