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One of the most amazing television shows on the face of Earth, doctor who is also the longest running sci-fi show. With a history of amazing actors playing the title characters, awesome villains, and brilliant stories, it isn’t surprising that it is so well received by the public. I am a recent fan, introduced to the show by  my friends I managed to watch the first 4 seasons of the the revived series in about 2 weeks. I fell in love with all the characters and the actors portraying them. Now that David Tennant  is gone and Matt Smith is ready to fill his shoes (pretty large shoes they are too), I keep wondering how will the new doctor cope?? All the fans have just one question, how will Smith do? Will the series continue now that Steven Moffat has taken over and will the previous doctors and companions have any role in it?? OK, maybe more than one question…..but the point is we are all waiting for the new series to come out, then we can judge the new team for ourselves.