Alice in Wonderland is definitely one of the best movies of Tim Burton. With some excellent animation and an awesome cast, this movie might not deserve an Oscar nomination, but it is worth watching.

The film starts with young Alice being plagued by continuous nightmares of a place with a caterpillar.  Throughout her childhood thats the only dream she ever had. Forward to 13 years later, now a young, pretty woman of nineteen, Alice has received a proposal of marriage by the son of the man who owns her fathers company. But, instead of answering she runs away behind an white rabbit in a waistcoat. She reaches the burrow and tumbles down through it. Now, in 3-D the fall to the burrow is spectacular. Anyways, she then falls into the room and shrinks herself to enter Wonderland. At this point the story gets a bit abrupt with everything happening really fast. One minute the rabbit and the rest of the entourage are talking to Alice, the next they are being attacked by the red Queen’s army. Also to me, newcomer Mila Wasikowsa felt a bit stiff and unnatural in her acting. Alice is then left on her own to find her way back home. The Hatters tea party where they introduce Johnny Depp was very well done. The Mad Hatter is not only mad but has an identity crisis that goes away one he is captured! that didn’t sit well with me. The Hatter and Alice strike up a good friendship and set off to find the White Queen. It is Alice’s destiny to slay the Jabberwocky and free wonderland from the menace of the Red Queen. But, people are in doubt whether this Alice is the real Alice who visited wonderland as a little girl. She herself can hardly remember it. Again, the animations are spectacular and the entire wonderland is beautiful to watch.

Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter is very convincing, he put all his skills int o this role and the result was excellent. Anne Hathaway does a very good job too. But the show was stolen by Helena Bonham Carter as the red queen, she is so evil that you cannot resist hating her! The rest of the casting is great too, with Alan Rickman as the blue caterpillar and Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat.On the whole the movie is worth watching (please try and watch it in 3-D if you can).